About us

Metal Building (Thailand) Ltd.

      The Metal Building (Thailand) Ltd. is established on September 11, 2006 as the first company in Thailand producing and assembling metal roof that is both creative and with high technology; located in Cholburi Province in the eastern part of Thailand.  We are the only enterprise that lead and revolutionize the industries by our high performance Mobile Roll-forming Machine. Our inventive machine in form of Mobile Container Roofing Mill is capable of producing metal roof in roll-formed sheets and is awarded with Petty Paten from the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce.  We are capable of rendering services in producing metal roof of all types and can perform services right at the site of customer’s factory (whose requirement may exceed the normal length of metal sheets that are allowed to be transported;  and/or without seam between sheets  resulting in lower transfer costs and shorten the duration in construction.

      Since the establishment of the company until now, the Metal Building (Thailand) Ltd. possess the conviction of doing business by ever progressing the quality of our products to become more reliable and of high standard.  Besides the development of the Mobile Roofing Mill Machine, we also produce a variety of best quality products e.g. metal roof sheets that is boltless, metal roof bolt system; curved roof, wall panel, flash wall; and insulation sheet.  In addition, we also select only good and qualified accessories to be used with our metal roofing.

      Moreover, the company has never seized to develop the quality of our products in all forms; aiming for better and better productions to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and to best serving them both in the present  and on-going to the  future.   The management team and our staff have unanimously worked very hard and applied the Quality Management  System or  ISO 9001 : 2008 in all scope of work. Thus ensuring full efficiency in serving our customers and consistency of best services covered all aspects of work once our company has been entrusted to render services to all customers.

Awards and Successes of the Company

* 2009 Our company  become the Authorized Partner of Amplelight Fiberglass (Thailand) Ltd.

* 2009 Awarded with Petty Patent from the Department of Intellectual Property, the Ministry of Commerce for our Mobile Container   Roofing Machine

* 2010 Attained the Quality Management System : ISO 9001:2008 on February 16th.

* 2011 Awarded the certificate from the Thai Industrial Standard Institute on July 8th.

* 2015  a special highlight of Our company. The Metal Building (Thailand) Ltd. has been televised on the Program “Secrets of   Victory” on February 26th; during 21.00-21.30 hours; filming our company site which was on air thru out Thailand.



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โทร: 038-311-007,038-321-683 โทรสาร:038-312-560 Email: ampaic@metalbuildingthai.com