Special Service On Site :

      In normal practice, the transferring of roofing metal sheets must not exceed the length of 24 meters. As in the case of customer’s request for big construction project that requires the installation of big metal sheets exceeding 24 meters in length; with minimal seaming between sheets; and also to prevent water leakage on the roofs plus quickening the process of installation; our company has the capacity to meet all these requirements by install the M-Lock 700 by the on site mobile roofing mill that is very modern and effective; thus waste no time for machine installation. It can be operated effectively within 1-2 hours after the preparation for working space. The benefits derived for our customers are :

      Processing time is shorten since the production of metal sheets is very fast. The efficiency of production is 3,000 - 4,000 meters per day (or approx. 8 working hours)

      Most importantly the process of production is computerized thus ensure accuracy of metal sheets dimension and ensure good quality which minimize problem and inaccuracy of metal sheets.


  In term of advance service prior to rendering roofing installation at site,we also
  provide the services of :

1) Inspection of site for mobile roofing mill installation which normally need a space of 3 x 15 meters.
2) Electricity preparation to ensure safety with a distance that is far away from the mobile roofing mill approx. 30-40 meters and set up as 3 faces system for electricity usage.
3) Set aside an area for storing the readily produced sheets for convenient sake of installation within an appropriate space for the length of roof items.






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